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The website RIDEF 2010

Why the website RIDEF 2010?

It's a website conceived for the RIDEF. It will work in parallel with the newspaper, it is minimized to avoid the waste of paper. It works as a kind of blog.

It's a multilingual website. What does that mean ?

  • The website doesn't translate automatically the contents !!!
  • You can choose your work environment among the languages offered.
  • You can search through the guided search (on the left) in several languages.
  • Each article can be translated after his creation, if you choose a language in his writing.

What are labels ?

To find the content in combination. For example :

Tuesday, July 20 + report + long workshops +  Ecology et pedagogy

This labels are translated so you can find content in several languages. But if the article has not been translated, it appears in his original language.