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Some are "rieffelians" and some are "ridefians"

All persons who usually work at the Lycee Jules Rieffel I interviewed were very happy with the animation that created our presence during the summer. "It's very live, it makes us company during this period when students are away, someone points out.

"I was very impressed with the speed at which the group took possession of the place, all the space," said the headmaster. "It was really very fast. Everybody seems to find its place". The place, it is true, is appropriate and, "despite the number of people, we do not hear too much noise.


"I see a lot about children's rights," said another member of the staff, interviewed in the corridors and wonders how to work in schools Freinet: "How do children learn? Is there any lessons ?

"I hear a lot about Spanish in premises, but also English and Portuguese and other sounds I do not know. It's rare that you see here.

We are very impressed to hear all those languages. "We feel people happy to gather together, to meet and meet again. The place is very different, the lobby, hallways, 'all the spaces are occupied, everything is different, but it is very nice to see the school alive. "