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Right ans duties of the IT user during the RIDEF

The rights

The user can
·         Have an access to the computer’s room of the high school and so to the computers  thanks to a personal account, as well as to the working room of the school
·         Have an access to the WIFI of the school through the proxy and without DNS resolution
·         Have an access to the internal network (file sharing) and to internet within the limits of what is allowed by the school’s proxy
The duties
·         The user musn’t create troubles in the in the use of his rights
·         He must prevent viruses by a policy of security of his own material ( update antiviruses and update security of the compulsory operating system, external analysis and desinfection of his hard drives and USB key)
·         The use of USB keys with the computers of the school is forbidden without a preliminary scan on an indicated computer, to prevent the spreading of viruses
If necessary, you can contact the team of the newspaper.