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Titre et contenu des ateliers courts

Title : "This is not a plate. Your heritage. Your language. Your culture. "
Content : International project for the Human Rights, inculturation and education to peace by the means of Art and the protection of the linguistic and cultural heritage. The Benedetti 6th Form College took part in this project by painting plates following the visit of a pottery and ceramics exhibition.
Georges Bellot (France)


First workshop :Looking, listening, talking
To show the importance of being able to talk in a pedagogy of expression and communication from varied ressources using sound and different aid to communicate.
Audiovisual methods: foundamental teaching tool, structuring thought tool, speech liberating tool.

Second workshop : Withstand with culture

Content: talk by Georges Bellot on the work of Dr Abdelfattah Abu-Srour, director of the cultural center Al Rowwad in Aïda and in charge of his troupe of children tour in France and USA. As well as presentation of cultural work in the community of Naplouse, Hebron….
Mihaela Dobanda (ARSM Romania)
Title : Creative writing in a modern foreign language class
Elettra Carloni (Italy,MCE Florence)
Title : An education to sustainability; an experience of telematics correspondence (IL VIAGGIO DI ULIS: CORRISPONDENZA INTERSCOLASTICA, CITTADINANZA E MULTIMEDIALITA')
Title : "Knowing and understanding cultures" : event organization
Title : Making shoes from recycled materials.
Jean DAYE, Edouard DOHOU, and Simon BESSAN. Joseph AGOSSOU.(Benin)
Title: 20 YEARS OF DEMOCRACY IN BENIN: A Freinet schhol from the A.B.E.M. Experiences: a model to copy.

Jean Daye (Benin)

The reproduction of the post-Ridef experience in Senegal."Environment study conducted by primary school children (CM2) from the Adjigo school" Lokossa Benin
Marisa Del Cioppo Elias Maria Isbela Gerth Landell de Moura (Brazil)


1st workshop : Children's games (childhood from different cultures)
Aim : Test games from different cultures.
Each participant will have the possibility to combine games from his/her childhood.

2nd workshop : Telling stories with characters from "Turma da Mônica"
Aim: Create comic strips with the characters "Turma da Mônica" using the publications of the Brazilian Mauricio de Sousa. Recreating stories with his characters.

I am going to take part in the presentation of Mexico and Spain with one of the 2 Mexican groups: Cuernavaca or Tere Garduno
Title: A North/ South partnership : the ASEM and the «  Association Morgane » , an encounter, projects, productions...
GLEM (Groupe Lyonnais de l'Ecole Moderne (France)
Workshop 1 : "A Freinet class and exchanges within a local French group. "
Workshop 2: "Making little books"
Workshop 1 : Title : A 2-year work-based continuing training on the introduction to the Freinet pedagogy.
Workshop 2 : Titel free
dance and body mouvement in the group with argentinean and international music
Workshop 1 : Title : In charge of French-speaking belgium Freinet Movement. Secretary of the Association for the applications of spelling corrections.
Content: Spelling: its history and its reforms (including the 1990 reform).
Workshop 2 : Title : Games of language
Workshop 1. Child respect and corporal punishments with Yacouba OUEDRAGO and Fidele KABORO (Burkina Faso)
Workshop 2. Involving children in African schhols with Ousseynou DIOP (Senegal), Mohamed Id BABOU (Morocco), Lydia KANFITINE ( Togo), Antoinette MENGUE ABESSO (Cameroun), Jean LE GAL (France)
Workshop 3: Rights and duties of the child: plea management of the conflicts - leadershipMamadou Demba ( Senegal)
Atelier “Encre-Vapo” : priority to the children
Title : Children's drawings on masks, traditional dances, trees of the forest and of the savannah.
Content : Children's drawings.
Title : “ Georgia before and after the war"


Elena Klepneva
Nekrassova Liudmila (Russia)
Title :" We still have no title our workshop "
Title: “The pedagogy for big groups”.
Lucy Kelly Pereira (Brazil)
Title: Sand box as playing and therapeutic activity for children victim of violence.
Content : Boxes made of cardboard or wood, sand and objects to play with.
Angiolina Ponziano ( Italy)
Titre : A SCHOOL  for Ill Child : At Hospital and At Home
Content : ITALIAN WAY TO EDUCATION RIGHT OF ILL STUDENTS: The  school in hospital for 3 years old  to 18 -19 years old
 MM. Essohanam SAMIE and Komla A. KPANDAANG (Togo) : workshop 1

Mrs  Bamibane Kanfitine (Togo) : workshop 2

Workshop 1: School projects: an answer to how to improve the quality of teaching.

Workshop 2: Fieldwork on Children's Rights.

Ky ö Sti Timonen ( Finland) and Risto Patrikainen (France)
Title : What good teaching is, the study, the study in a good studying environment.
Title : Children's drawings from Cameroun. Work from Célestin Freinet in Pitoa, Northern Cameroun.
Lou Belletan
Title : “Crossroads and understanding of the cultures”
Content : Cultural mediation. The Other's culture to try and grasp its logic and its internal functioning.
Workshop 1: " Quality, Freinet pedagogy and challenges facing the educational systems in Africa"
Workshop 2 : “Basic schools Curriculum in Senegal and Freinet pedagogy: what synergy?”
Mulat Michel (France)

Workshop 1- A tribute to Paul (just like the one I did in etepec for Roger) in order to appeal and record stories.
Workshop 2- Workshop under the responsibility of the governing body to launch the committee « What future for the FIMEM ".

Title : "The Freinet pedagogy as a dissenting answer to the educational model from the Pinochet era and applied to urban poverty. "
School Basique Celestin Freinet, Santiago de Chili.
Graciela guzman corral and Gerardo Quiroz Robledo (Mexico)
Title : The « herbolaria » in the Mexican culture (a study of the history and experimenting the use of plants in Mexico)
Title : Swedish folk dances
Ingrid Seitler (Austria)

Title: Dancing in the group

Gloria kirinus


Alba Luz Jurado Méndez, Margarita Herrera Grijalva, Tomás Rodríguez Pizarro ( Mexique)
Title : Freinet in a Mexican state school. The educational project of the Primary School "Concepción Meléndez"
Flávio Boleiz Júnior and Flander de Almeida Calixto

Workshop 1 : - Title: Culture society: The conversation between Célestin Freinet and Paulo Freire (in Portuguese and in Spanish) AND

Workshop 2 – Title: The Earth Charter: an ethical framework for the modern school (in Portuguese and in Spanish)
Elsa Arroyo Magaña y Gerardo Quiroz Robledo ( Mexico)

Title : "Food, I am writing A LOGO "

Groupe Freinet de Séoul (Seoul, Korea)
Title : Presentation of the Freinet pedagogy in Korea example star school (Korean alternative school)
Regina Chorn
Marzena Kedra, Magdalena Zakrzewska, Małgorzata (pologne)
Workshop 1 : Title : "flowers of the Earth"
Language: English, German
Number of participants:  about 20 (teachers and children)
Our planet is rich in beautiful  flora. People are captivated by flowers beauty. We marvel at their abundance. They are for us and we are for them. And what is our attitude towards the beauty of nature?
In Poland flowers bloom from early spring till late autumn. The most beautiful are those, which grow in their natural environment.  We would like their beauty last and last… Unfortunately lots of them becoming extinct so they are under protection.  We aim to forming the right attitude to flowers. Let’s sensitive our pupils that they should protect flowers, don’t pick them, don’t destroy them.
Let’s teach children how to follow their beauty shapes and color by  creative activity. To achieve this goal we will use recycling  and we will create “Flowers of the earth”. We live in a different parts of our planet and wherever you are beautiful flower surround you.  So let’s show them kids.
During the workshop we would like to show you how we work with our polish children on  creating flowers. We will represent you how we use it in a further work with children. Certainly teachers  from different countries have their own experience in this field.  We are curious  how you do it in your school. Share your experiences with us!
Workshop 2 : "Freinet school in Moszczanka".

Title: the perception of the environment through drawings

Of children of the Primary school and the Nursery school of NANGA EBOKO
Maria Claudia Marques (Brésil)

Title: Bags for the school hand-made, as protection of the vertebral column

Sadikh Diaw Malick Mbaye Elhadj Ndiaye Sarr (Sénégal)

Title: the pupils of the elementary at the school of the management of the environment ( the water)

Abdoulaye Ndiaye Moussa Sène (Burkina Faso)

Title: impact of children's day nursery in Senegal / The CTP: experience(experiment) of Wassoul

Cheikh Makhfouss Seck Saliou Sarr (Sénégal)

Title: a decade of North-south cooperation. Experience(experiment) of Ricotte in Senegal

Thierno Abdoulaye Ba (Sénégal)

Title: the school correspondence the South-South

Mamadou Fadel Kane (Sénégal)

Title: the environmental project of school, source(spring) of social mobilization

Khady SonKo

Title: role of the ASEM in the schooling of the girls in Senegal

Papa Meïssa Hanne Christiane Alinc

Title: how to learn and produce educational tools: an unpublished movie, notebooks of reading...Schools of Célestin Freinet de Dagana (Senegal) and Vitruve in Paris