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The Day Forum On Saturday, July 24th


This particular day, " opened doors " allows the RIDEF to open to the world which surrounds and to the persons interested to come to meet us.

Keep on you your badge (the shell of oyster) for this day.

You have the program in the flyer of unfolding in the material put back during the welcome .This program is incomplete and can change, because it was printed on June 22th.

The persons who come, free of charge are not necessarily of the teaching world. Curious or connoisseurs, they come to discover the pedagogy Freinet. We invited all the associations which helped us.

For the long workshops: you decide if you want that persons outside your group attend and / or participate. You decide if the persons can leave your long workshop to go to see the other one. You can decide to include in your work the presence of these guests.

At noon, those who brought exhibitions can present them to the public

The public can eat with us if he reserved and took a ticket

Around thirty friendly associations, booksellers hold stands during this day.
Nothing prevents you from creating your own stand.

The afternoon allows to think about the pedagogy Freinet in the world and about the ecology.

The Amis de Freinet present at 5 pm a book on the relations between Freinet and Petersen

At 6 pm as usual the basic groups take place, our friends are invited if they wish it.


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